Tips for Buyer Here Pay Here Sales Representatives

Buyers who Buy Here Pay Here Dealers work hard and spend a lot of money advertising to make customers come to their lot. A salesperson who is not well trained and inexperienced in dealing with interested customers can ruin all of your efforts. Many customers get put off by representatives who seem to be lying to them. Here are some points to keep an eye on.

Representatives are taught never to lie. It is sometimes hard to believe that they lie. Let’s for instance, take a car that is cool in color but has many scratches on the paint. If the salesperson is trying to get you to buy it, he might say that “This cool-looking car can make your friends feel good!” Or, the salesperson may want you to abandon the vehicle in order to consider other options. He might then say something like, “This vehicle would make you embarrassed among your friends!” In both cases, you were not misled by the salesperson. They were selling you an emotional product to get your attention. The first quote talks about how red is cool, while second describes the embarrassing scratches. This is why it is important to concentrate on the facts, think it through and not let emotions cloud your ability make informed decisions.

The Lies

Some representatives aren’t well-trained, and they ruin the reputation of others by lying. This is particularly true when they know something they don’t want to admit and lie about it. Perhaps they know the vehicle was in a serious accident. They might not be able to tell you if the car has been in an accident before, but they may say that we don’t keep the history. This might be true in the representative’s eyes, as they may not have the car’s history. But, if he does know it, he should share it with customers.

Customers must be able and willing to listen to the reps’ lies. The mouth and tongues of people who lie can become dry. The moisture level in the mouth suddenly drops, and there is an opposite increase in moisture. Usually, forehead sweats and the back end of the neck itch from excess moisture. The eyes also experience more moisture, so blinking rate increases. These signs are a way for people to tell when representatives are genuine and when they’re lying.

Similar reactions can happen to our bodies under stress. When a representative feels pressured or new, similar reactions could occur. Customers need to know the difference between a lie and a stressful condition.